Tuesday, May 8, 2012

How to get healed by the necromancer

Many people ask for healing but don't cooperate to receive it.
  1. Necromancer's area of effect is smaller than priest's. People should follow him and keep close. Otherwise it's pointless trying to heal them.
  2. Necromancer's healing is more expensive than priest's so he usually heals when he needs healing himself. They should check his health bar and follow him when he's low on health (below 2/3), because it's very likely that he will heal soon.
  3. Necromancer with cheap skull needs 3 or more monsters packed together for the healing to be cost-effective (and effective at all). Good choices are: sprite god with children, constructs, stacked gods, Septavius minions, swarm of bats. He won't heal without such group nearby.
  4. Monsters to leech hp from must be healthy. It's pointless to cast heal on a nearly-dead monster and receive 1 hp or nothing.  The necromancer could find a group of constructs for easy heal but people don't follow, see point 1.
  5. Sometimes people spam "hp" when there are no monsters nearby. Sorry, but but he can't help. See point 3.
What to do:
  1.     Check if the necromancer needs healing too.
  2.     If yes - keep very close.
That's it. You don't even need to say "hp".

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