Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bluebird curse still works

All my characters that equipped the bluebird (the new, sandy one) died soon for strange reasons. That's a fact. As soon as death became possible after removal of ammies.

That's why I stopped using the bluebird as a pet. But it can't be true, I'm not superstitious so...

I recently decided to prove that belief in "bluebird curse" is bullshit and I  equipped the bluebird again. Because it looks cool. And after 2 days of playing with it...

Totally unexpected death of my 5/8 (1 att to 6/8) huntress by... Septavius? WTF, I never died by Septavius. I can't even tell how it happened. My health just dropped, almost instantly. Casualties: backpack, clothes, 6/8 pots, dbow, cbow, csilk, nile and over 500 base fame.

I should have dropped that stupid bluebird long ago. But... it looks cool.
It's good that my mystic has a Valentine. Otherwise I'd surely equip that killer bluebird.

I am the bluebird of doom.
Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. Well, it sounds quite interesting, despite provocative!
    -seth at merehead