Sunday, March 3, 2013

Avoid Kongregate

I made a mistake of making a heavy investments into RotMG account created at Kongregate.
Generally it's not that bad but there are some inconveniences:
  • When Kongregate is down I cannot play the game.
  • Kongregate doesn't use encrypted connection (HTTPS), so the account is less secure. Security is not a big issue for someone who plays flash games casually. However, RotMG accounts may be worth hundreds of dollars.
  • I cannot use the Kong name glitch to make myself unnamed or change name for free.
  • The "secret" (equivalent of password) does not change. Changing Kongregate password changes the auth token for the loader but the "secret" credentials remain the same. That means if your account is compromised - it will stay compromised. There are cases of people who got hacked repeatedly after they linked to Kongregate. Changing their password didn't help because the hackers could still access the account through Kongregate.
  • Kongregate site has flash ads that eat processor power and may cause lag. Fortunately they can be blocked. Also a flash projector can be used with Kongregate account, without entering Kong website. However that may change in the future.
  • At some point you may want to sell your account. Selling the RotMG account created at Kongregate may be complicated or impossible without selling also the whole Kongregate account that may have other games linked and invested in, plus all Kongregate progress (rank, badges, uploads, forum posts, friends, followers, etc.)
The possible benefits:
  • E-mail is not displayed in main menu, the Kongregate username is displayed instead. That may be convenient for people who stream their gameplay / make videos.
  • Kongregate chat. I don't need it but for some people use it.
I knew about this when I invested like $20 and maybe a blue star. I thought it's a big thing then. But now it's something I can now rebuild in one day.

Protip: create your main account at Avoid Kongregate, Steam and Kabam sites and investing into accounts created there.

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  1. I know this is a little old so sorry for digging it up but I just thought I'd share the experience I had with this since it turned out pretty rewarding.. at least I think so.

    So I first started playing through steam and if you've played the steam version you can see that there's two different account options, one is to register that account to play in the browser which has you type in an email and password and register a web account right through the steam client (although it seems to be broken as of late.. I'll help with that later on.

    Anyway to lay it out, each of the clients for the different services (steam, kabam, kongregate, web) all offer a different set of account options. the way it's worded might confuse you or scare you away because of the red text and words "replace" all over but nothing is replaced, it simply links the accounts together into a little cluster (this reminds me of those old nestle crunch things where they're little bite size morsels at the cinema..) which means you can log in from the various services and still be greated with the same account you've been playing or in other words you could consider your account synced between the different services. Before this gets any longer I'll try to simplify here showing what accounts can't be linked to where and for anyone who is completely confused, the whole goal here is to be able to start using kongregates kreds/offer system to get gold really easily but at the same time not losing all of your progress by getting your account lost in the void by not keeping it linked to at least one access point. Anyway here it goes:

    If your main account is on steam:
    steam -> register it as web account (use my fix), then this web account -> kongregate

    If your main account is on kong:
    create a new web account online (FIRST, there's no possible way to save your data here, kongregate is always overwritten)-> replace kong with web -> (optional) replace steam with web.

    If your main account is a web account:
    make a kong account -> replace with web account -> (optional) replace steam with web account

    Now I don't know why you'd want to link anything back to steam at this point once you get your data into a web account you can use it anywhere. And to fix the register through steam just go to:

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Realm of the Mad God\" then make a backup of AssembleeGameClientProxy.swf, replace it with the one below which is an earlier version, register the web account, restore the old file, done!

    Hope it helps anyone whos poor and broke like me and have to slave completing offers and surveys!
    (the real magic is in the trial offers that require a credit card, each one worth 150-300 kreds, to put that in poerspective 50 kreds = the small gold package. then 110, 230 , 500, and if you're patient, you have a nice 27k gold on it's way.