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Fame farming

EDIT: This article is partially outdated. There are no Amulets of Resurrection. However, people still farm fame to acquire higher rank (more stars) or to place themselves on the Legends list. I updated some parts.




The main goal of fame farming is to acquire 11500 fame and buy the Amulet of Resurrection. This item can be used on one's own characters or sold for profit. to achieve higher rank (more stars), preferably a White Star (rank 70).

Fame bonuses

The best way to gain huge amounts of fame is to exploit the fame bonuses. This requires a special gameplay style like not using potions, not using abilities, not using autofire and killing only gods.

Killing one's main characters for fame is unprofitable - they most often lack these bonuses and they cost much more time and wealth to create and upgrade than they gain fame. Fame farmers create special characters for that purpose. Those characters live one hour at most.

Using the fame calculator can help prepare a strategy for achieving the bonuses.

The optimal set of bonuses

(in my opinion)
  • Thirsty - don't drink potions, or drink them off ground only. It's good to unset item hotkeys so you don't drink a potion accidentally (also the new contextual click is dangerous and should be turned off). Drinking stat pots destroys this bonus too but you can drink them from vault chests or from the ground - that's how people from Legends list had 6/8 characters and still got thirsty bonus. Using a pollen powder or snake oil by someone else does not affect this bonus. Gumballs from candyland count as potions, Rock Candy does not.
  • Mundane - don't use the ability. Either unequip the ability item or unset the hotkey in options.
  • Enemy of the Gods, Slayer of the Gods - gods are at least 50% of kills. Kill only gods, avoid killing minions.
  • Accurate, Sharpshooter, Sniper - 75% accuracy
  • Friend of the Cubes - no cube kills. You can accidentally damage a cube without killing it and still get this bonus. Also you can be near people who kill cubes and still get this bonus. Beware of small cubes on the beach.
  • Well Equipped - equip fame items before dying. Wearing those items doesn't speed up the fame gain so you don't have to wear them during farming. Only having them equipped in the moment of death counts.

And if farming takes place on the new account (which is recommended):

  • Ancestor - First dead character. It doesn't need to be a wizard if you delete characters instead of killing them.
  • Legacy Builder - I'm still not sure how this bonus works. I think it must be the first wizard to get both Ancestor and Legacy Builder (see legends list - Itani got both bonuses, RotmgJAPAN got only Ancestor). Update: I got Legacy Builder on first dead ninja. I think it's supposed to be the first dead character of a class but it's somehow faulty and cannot be counted on.
  • First Born - more fame than any previous character

Bonuses worth considering

  • Explorer (1.000.000 tiles) and Cartographer (4.000.000 tiles) - I think these are too time consuming for amulet farmer and give 5% bonus only. You can easily get Explorer when going for 5 stars on a class (usually it happens by itself). One round of running around the map using outermost road uncovers about 250.000 tiles.
  • Tunnel Rat - too time consuming for 231-base fame amulet farmer because it adds only ~60 total fame. Worth considering by 600-base fame character going for 5 stars because it saves ~80 base fame. More about this bonus.
  • Oryx Slayer - probably not worth the effort. However, if the realm closes and the character is ready to die - you can go to the castle and give it a shot. Either you die, which is fine, or get some good loot from Oryx which is fine too. And maybe you'll manage to land that last bullet on Oryx and get some more fame from this achievement.
  • Boots on the Ground - Finding best trains without teleporting is probably too time consuming. The trains could be found using other account and then reached by foot. This would give like 160-180 extra fame. But good trains sometimes disappear - a realm gets closed, people enter the dungeon or attend an event, or they start shooting the crystal or the supply of gods ends. This may require additional trips.
  • Team Player - in my experience it cannot be achieved with a short-lived 231 base fame character. A 600 base fame character going for 5 stars on a class may try to get this bonus.

Other bonuses

  • Leader of Men, Doer of Deeds - these are achievable by long-lived characters only.
  • Pacifist - no damage dealt. This excludes bonuses that require dealing damage (that means 150 fame less if choosing this path).

When to stop?

After reaching 100,000 experience the rapid fame gain suddenly stops. If you're interested in fame only, and not the stars - it's the right place to cash the fame (that means killing the character) and start over.

The optimal moment to kill the character is 100,000 exp which corresponds to about 231 base fame. However, there are other factors than exp that contribute to fame, so 100,000 exp can be reached somewhere between 218-240 base fame. Use muledump to know the exact amount of exp.

218 base fame gives 642 total fame  (using my preferred set of bonuses and 7% fame items)
272 base fame gives 802 total fame but requires twice as much experience (that means time).
A goal of achieving 800 total fame takes twice as much time than achieving 642. But it may be necessary if we want to farm stars.

Fame items

In my opinion 7% is the optimal amount. 1% weapon, 2% ability, 1% armor, 3% ring. A person who plays the game normally should have no problems in acquiring these. Serious players throw that items away or don't even pick them up.

Sometimes, when wanting to acquire higher amounts of fame (like 2000 fame for 5 stars) it's it good to acquire better yet still cheap items to save time, for example:

  • Exalted rings, Coral ring - 4%, worth 1 att
  • Robe of the Tlatoani - 2%, worth 1 spd
  • Coral Trap - 4%, worth 1 def 
  • T5 trap, prism and orb - 3%, worth 1 att

Monitoring the progress

Using muledump helps greatly because we are aware of current accuracy, number of tiles uncovered and gods/monsters ratio so there will be no surprises. We can always kill some additional gods, shoot tutorial turrets for accuracy or uncover some terrain to reach the desired bonus.

Leveling to 20

Achieving level 20 in RotMG is very easy and should take about 7-15 minutes. In older versions of the game lowland "trains" were popular - people circled the map in huge group to gain experience from low level monsters. In current build those trains almost went extinct and everbody teleports straight to the godlands at level 1. That's because now there are more gods and they spawn much faster. Equipping a Health ring (Sup or Para) is recommended to survive the early levels. Huge godland "trains" are full of priests and paladins that constantly heal and surviving is easy if you avoid Medusa bombs and piercing bullets of the Ent God.

Note that during farming sessions you may unintentionally acquire an exceptionally good roll, like +30 or +40 HP over average. Such character should be saved if possible and played later as a main character.

Noob's Guide to ammy farming - step by step (outdated)

  1. Create a new account, create a wizard
  2. Download muledump, enter the new account data (mail and password)
  3. Enable the "Additional stats" option within muledump
  4. Equip the wizard with Robe of the Illusionist, Staff of Destruction and Ring of Superior Health, throw the spell away
  5. Enter the realm and find a good godland train. That means A LOT of stacked gods being exterminated by huge amount of players. You should see at least two coral bows firing, five priests, and a horde of noobs like you.
  6. Take cover behind other players and dodge Medusa bombs and Ent God shots.
  7. If the train disappears, find another one - change the realm or server if necessary. If the train enters the dungeon like Undead Lair - that's fine. Dungeons are good for exp. Just keep don't shoot the monsters.
  8. Once level 20 is achieved, kill the gods to get the stat potion drops. You'll probably get from 2 spd to 2 def, not much but it will be enough to buy a funeral suit for this character. With a bit of luck you may get several def.
  9. Don't use autofire and shoot only if you're sure to hit.
  10. Don't shoot if the cubes are nearby.
  11. Keep doing that until base fame reaches 231.
  12. Equip any ring of dexterity, go to /tutorial and improve accuracy by shooting towers. Keep shooting until the Sniper is achieved. Use muledump to know when.
  13. Equip fame items and die.
  14. Repeat above steps for a Priest
  15. Repeat for archer. Equip the archer with gbow for good godland rape and accuracy farming. You can keep the magesteel quiver for dexterity bonus but don't use it.
  16. Keep repeating above steps with archers until 11500 total fame is achieved. Archers are good for killing stacked gods and they can improve accuracy quickly.
  17. Buy Amulet of Resurrection and trade it to your main account. 
  18. Sell it in game for incantations, then incantations for life, then life for def, then def for att, wis, spd, dex, vit and mana. Use the price guide to know the prices. Don't trade for pure def or you might get scammed.
  19. Drink the potions and enjoy having a maxed character.

Improving the accuracy

While farming fame it's good to kill as many gods as possible to acquire additional stat potions. However, the accuracy will inevitably drop. To improve it we can shoot repeatedly some target that doesn't die like the crystal, constructs or tutorial turrets. Turrets are the best choice.

Equip items that improve dexterity and a piercing weapon if you have one and type "/tutorial" in the console. Go to the 4 towers and shoot them until you have the Sniper achievement. Monitor results in muledump.

Best weapons to improve accuracy:
  • bow classes - any 3-shot bow like Golden Bow (3 shots = 11 hits)
  • dagger classes - Bone Dagger (1 shot = 4 hits)
  • wand classes - Crystal Wand (1 shot = 4 hits)
  • melee classes - Demon Blade (2 shots = 2 hits)
  • staff classes - Staff of Extreme Prejudice (10 shots = 10 hits)
Improving accuracy is slow on melee and staff classes due to lack of piercing weapons.

Tunnel Rat

Dungeon is completed when your character exits dungeon through Realm Portal (not a Portal of Cowardice). Realm Portal appears when dungeon boss is dead. You don't have to fight the boss or be present at his death. Strategy: wait at the spawn while others rush or clear, teleport to the boss and exit when it's over.
  • Undead Lair, Sprite World, Abyss of Demons - those dungeons appear very often when a big train runs through the godlands. Just enter, wait for others to rush/clear, teleport to the boss and exit when he is dead
  • Ocean Trench - as above - just teleport to hermit and wait
  • Tomb - use either a tomb dropped by sphinx or check the forums for public tombs. Immediately pause in the corner after entering (type "/pause") and don't unpause until bosses are dead. To unpause type "/pause" again. Then just exit through the Realm Portal. Be careful, there may be still some Nile Artifacts around.
  • Pirate Cave - create a mule, buy a discounted key for 93 realm gold and open
  • Spider Den, Snake Pit, Manor - these are sometimes hard to find (and time is money) and bad to solo (too many killed minions may destroy your Slayer of the Gods bonus) but you can offer 2 def pots for someone to open them in the nexus or ask friends to find and clear these dungeons for you.
  • Mad Lab, Davy Jones Locker, Candy Land, Cemetery - you don't need those for Tunnel Rat. However things may change in a new build so be aware
  • Beachzone, Wine Cellar - you don't need those for Tunnel Rat
Some people host "Tunnel Rat Events" and they open all dungeons in the nexus. Check forums for these as this is the fastest way to get the Tunnel Rat achievement.

Star farming

Getting 4 stars on a class is easy and requires 800 fame. A disciplined farmer can achieve 56 stars in one day (14x4). A little less disciplined one will surely get them in a week. That's why the stars tell nothing about the real skill or wealth of the player. But still they are nice to have. People set their own goals in this game and higher rank may be one of those goals.

5 stars require 2000 fame.

I decided to farm 5 stars on a huntress because it's too similar to an archer and I don't want to waste a character slot for it. Also I think quiver is a better special than trap. I already have an archer with 4000 base fame and I'd rather play that archer. 

An example: 5-star huntress:

Final words

Farming is boring when compared to normal game. And doing events, dungeons and wine cellars is much more profitable. That's why the "pro" players buy amulets and don't farm fame themselves.
Yet for a starting player without a maxed character fame farming may be the good way to gain in-game wealth and pot the characters without too much grinding.

I wish you good luck in your farming efforts.

Useful links

Fame calclulator
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