Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ideas for Muledump

Muledump is a very useful tool made by atomizer. (that's NOT me)
Here are some ideas how it could be expanded / improved.
  • arrange items
    • enable dragging and dropping items within the vault, then execute a script that will move a character around and swap stuff
    • enable dragging and dropping between mules, then execute a script that will log them in and trade automatically
    • delete items to have the character drop them
  • history
    • store data for dead characters
      • enable database queries for dead characters (if it's possible)
    • keep snapshots of wealth in database
    • display graphs for number of items and total wealth through time
  • calculate def worth of visible wealth
  • add a price setup screen for worth calculations
    • add export / import of price sheets
  • sum the stats for all characters
    • total dungeons completed by all characters - tombs, trenches, all, etc.
    • Oryx kills
    • other stats
  • list stat pots and incs in the first line
  • add DPS calculator
    • for current equips
    • DPS calculator for damage received with this armor
    • with buffs (armored, damaging, etc.)
  • configuration presets that can be switched quickly
  • grouping of mules in config file, quick hiding these groups within main window, separate options for these groups


  1. THe auto moving of items would be amazing , 98% of my time is spent moving items from accounts. id legit pay for this feature.

  2. DPS calulator would be cool!