Sunday, May 6, 2012

Founderless Guild

What will happen when the Founder renounces his guild?
Will the guild disappear? Will someone else become a founder?
What will happen when the founder returns?

I performed an experiment to test this.
  1. Created a guild.
  1. Leveled a mule to 1 star and invited him. Made him a leader.
  1. Renounced the guild. The guild still exists and operates without founder. The Leader can buy upgrades. The mule is highlighted in orange colors like Founders.
  2. Invited myself by the mule. There is no record that I founded this guild. I started as an Initiate.
  3. The mule promoted me to a Leader. Now he cannot kick me out of the guild. It seems that we won't be able to kick anyone promoted to Leader in the future. Also, I cannot be demoted by anyone, including myself.

It seems that it's a good way to create a democratic guild where leaders are equal and there is no founder to kick them out.

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