Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Legendary Archer

I "achieved" a weekly legend. And I'm not proud or happy about it. 

I was clearing some part of Mad Lab, then I realized that other people are already at the boss. So I clicked teleport and... landed in a death screen. I didn't even see the place I teleported to - instant death. So it's not related to skill. Maybe except that skilled (experienced) person should already know that one does not simply teleport to the boss in Mad Lab.

That archer was one of my oldest characters. I was always careful with that character and broke only one ammy on him ever (well, Geb did that for me). But shit happens and teleport death can happen also in the godlands - you teleport on top of a Ghost God and it's game over. And we teleport a lot.

Did I feel angry? No. Sad? No. I was completely indifferent.

Maybe that's because now I perceive my characters as tools, not as living personalities. So there will be no death videos and no wine cellars in memory of my dead archer (that's silly isn't it?).

Death is not a big problem - I have some spare doom bows and ton of life pots, I can easily rebuild. I can have another archer with similar capabilities in a few hours. Or maybe a huntress. Death of high fame character is even liberating - because you can stop caring about all that fame and play the game more happily because there is much less to lose.

But I guess I won't rebuild because... I'm quitting.


  1. Can I have your account? I love the game. I also feel Sorry for you well... same for me. I die... It's getting a little toooo over addicting.

  2. Send it to my gmail (Private). I never got got a good fortune. I'm real sorry for myself.

  3. Come back please :) I hate seeing (or reading) people quit like that. Im assuming you spent some cash on this game if you got white star in 2 years (Yeah, grinding could do that, but by your graveyard I doubt you were fame farming or something). I'd suggest you trying to come back. The game is by a new company, it feels different. I hope you do the good decision :)

  4. Deca owns the game now and there is a lot more content that makes the game worth it. I get quitting ROTMG, the game makes you do that, but give these new updates a try.